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 Is Growing Peace

Peace of mind is when we know our children, mothers and elders can eat healthy and often.

MSOS Growing Peace is a community garden project focused on helping single parent families, elders, women and other low income persons in our community. WE all know how important fresh good produce is to our health. Our focused segment of our community cannot always afford the simplest of these produce. The plan is to work with residents at or near the sites in starting and maintaining these community garden sites. We desire to share knowledge, learn together and bond closer as community through new friendship across ages, races, and cultures. We plan to have various garden sites at low income housing or close by. We want the gardens sites, set to the needs of the community itís located in, such as wheel chair accessible etc. We have sites that are not as close in town but are larger sites and will also be used impart for our CSAA* growing sites (Community Supported Artistry/ Agriculture).

We invite other groups, organizations, and individuals to partner with us on a site. We are also seeking a way for students to get community service /AmeriCorps hours through working with our program. We are a new nonprofit and we are seeking funding and assistance on all levels. We are open to donation of all kind to help support this program getting off the ground. We are especially open to donations of seeds, plants, tools, pots, soil, compost, 5 gal. pails, small containers like yogurt & baby food containers

We are creating ďGrowing Peace Garden Gear ďas a fundraiser. We are making garden aprons, vests, sun hats, mesh no bugs jackets and veiled-hat covers, waist pouches, basket bags, and kneeling pads. All will be primarily made from recycled/reclaimed textile with lots of pockets and loops for garden guruís. These will be on sale in April but you are welcome to order now we also can monogram your desired logo flower etc. on all your garden gear. They make great gifts for family, friends and customers.

MSOS Mission: To share sustainable living (STL) information, resources, programs, projects, skills, and products to inspire livelihoods that will persist during lifeís ever-changing circumstances. Through education, developing sustainable social enterprises and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit MSOS desire is to have a strong impact on the future.

For more information or to get involved please contact us at:

The Sustainable Living

Community Creativity Center

Where the everyday woman and

Sustainable living join forces

60 West Burlington Fairfield IA. 52556

(641) 233-0353 msosisterhood@gmail.com