Many Shades of Sisterhood


The focus of Many Shades of Sisterhood is to bring the reality of sustainable living into the lives of everyday women. Its strongest focal point is mothers. MSOS intends to share with them sustainable living skills, such as sewing, and crafting, and use those to produce revenue so that they can purchase educational materials which will help prepare them for the green transition-- rather than being being left behind as outside observers of that change.

Instead, we want them to be involved with, and beneficiaries of that change.

We have set up a sustainable living Center here in Fairfield for that purpose. We have sewing machines and have crafting materials available. Recently we hosted a workshop on creating waist beads, a popular symbol of self-expression for women in many areas of the world. We will also have summer skirt sewing sessions.

Gardening is another sustainable skill which we intend to help organize and teach. Peace of mind is when the children, the elders, and the women of the community can eat “healthily and often.” Therefore our gardening project is called “Peace Gardens.”

We are looking at the low income housing sites in Fairfield, including Fairfield 1 and Fairfield 2 on Harrison and Jackson streets, and some of the elder sites, with the intention of setting up Peace Gardens there. These gardens might be dug in the ground, or might be situated in what is called container gardens, in which plants are put various types of holders and situated off the ground-- which makes them more accessible to handicapped and older people.

We would like to get the rest of the community to participate and help in the planning, the construction, and the maintenance of these gardens-- and also of course benefit from the gardens themselves.

Another aspect of our work is in the setting up of a CSAA, the first in the country Community Supported Artistry/Agriculture organization. Members of the CSAA, instead of getting just vegetables as a return, also get a product every month produced by the Sustainable Living Center. It could be garden aprons, hats, it could be jewelry, it could be anything that we are producing. Some people could have a choice between produce and a product. This would allow us to give a benefit to members who do not live in this area.






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